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Application of Microwave in Extraction of Chrysanthemum Juice

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

Chrysanthemum soft drinks (tea drinks, tea granules) processing can not be separated from the extraction process. At present, the conventional method of chrysanthemum extraction is the use of hot water extraction, microwave extraction technology developed rapidly in foreign countries, to 1995, foreign countries have been authorized to the two Chinese companies to develop industrial-scale microwave extraction technology applications. Microwave extraction of the active ingredients in chrysanthemum, with extraction speed, short time (shorter than the conventional method 1/3), the extraction rate of high characteristics. General extraction step is: a certain amount of chrysanthemum placed in the microwave extractor, add the right amount of water, and then control the equipment at the required temperature and time to start heating extraction, and finally filtered to get tea.
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