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Advantages of microwave chemical reaction

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-09-18

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Microwave on many chemical reactions has a special role in promoting, compared to conventional heating and chemical reaction, the advantages of microwave chemical reaction as follows: 
(1) microwave chemical reaction speed can be increased to 10-10000 times the usual manner; 
(2) microwave chemical reaction can be achieved by stirring the molecular level, the reaction yields and less side effects. And because different substances that do not respond to the same after the microwave irradiation, the reaction can be high selectivity; 
(3) can act directly on the microwave material, as a heat transfer medium without using a solvent in many organic reactions, which can reduce and eliminate the use of hazardous solvents. Microwave clean, convenient, environmental pollution, belongs to the category of green chemistry; 
(4) microwave heating can be controlled accurately and use, help automate operations; 
(5) microwave heating in certain technical specifications and standards are very safe.
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