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Advantages of expandable graphite microwave processing equipment

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-10

As we all know, microwave heating and high temperature expansion heating are different heating methods. Microwave heating is by thermal conduction, while microwave
expansion heating is heating by expandable graphite surface. However, high-temperature expansion heating equipment can make microwave heating efficiency soar. The specific advantages are as follows:
1. The expandable graphite particles prepared by the microwave heating method are in the shape of "worms" with large expansion volume. In addition, the use of microwave method to prepare graphene  is easy to control, reduces costs, and is more suitable for the expansion of expandable graphite than high-temperature methods. The expansion of the microwave method can reduce the sulfur content in the expanded graphite due to the thermal and non-thermal effects of the microwave, which is a green environmental protection process equipment.
2. The microwave heating method is simple to operate, short time consuming, low energy consumption, instant start and stop, flexible production organization, production capacity can be continuously scaled up to 50 kgs a day, microwave heating expansion efficiency is high, and product consistency is good. The ideal expanded graphite production equipment program.
3. Expandable graphite can produce graphene products with low number of layers, high specific surface area, and high conductivity through subsequent high-speed grinding and other processes. Therefore, the large-scale production of expanded graphite can improve graphene production efficiency and product quality.
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