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Advantages and applications of microwave tube furnace

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-27

WISE microwave tube furnace adopts  imported PLC control system, the response time of the system can be as short as 0.1ms, the microwave power is continuously adjustable, and the temperature control is accurate and reliable.
The equipment adopts polycrystalline ceramic fiber material insulation structure, which can reduce the surface temperature of microwave cavity to normal temperature.
The operation is simple, the sealing is reliable, the comprehensive performance index is high, and it is at the leading domestic level. Furnace tube can be equipped with quartz glass ceramic tube and corundum tube.
Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.
1. The equipment is  a standard type since 2009. The furnace structure is simple and cost-effective, and it can be easily realized as vacuum and atmosphere control, with smart and accurate temperature sensor;
2. Easy to operate: the material can be inserted into be tube without opening the furnace door, which is easy to operate. The rapid cooling microwave tube furnace of WISE Microwave can realize rapid cooling. It only takes 10 minutes to cool from 1100°C to below 100°C, in such case, you can finish 6-8 experiments per day, it can greatly improve researchers efficiency, saving valuable time for researchers.
3. Energy-saving and reliable. Low power consumption and high thermal efficiency. Microwave heating is continuously adjustable without thermal inertia. At the same time, the material absorbs microwave self-heating, and there is no heat conduction process and low heat dissipation.
4. Good atmosphere conditions. Atmosphere vacuum microwave tube furnace. When the atmosphere is flowing, the gas can directly flow through the surface of the reactant. The atmosphere conditions are good and the reaction is easy to control. Most of the reaction exhaust and flue gas of the microwave tube furnace can be recovered and detected.
5. Easy to control and easy to enlarge production. The equipment has simple structure, easy operation, easy to control, can enlarge the size of tube furnace, and can also combine multiple furnaces for large-scale production. Facilitate production enlargement.
 microwave tube furnace is an atmosphere tube furnace for rapid heating by microwave. It has a vacuum, controllable atmosphere and high temperature experimental environment. Suitable for laboratory sintering, melting, element analysis, physical determination, new materials, semiconductors, nanomaterials, graphene, metallurgy, chemical roasting, etc.
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