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Absorption of microwave materials

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-08-21

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The absorption of the microwave by the material is achieved by converting the microwave energy into the thermal energy by coupling the microwave electric field or the magnetic field. Huang Xiangdong et al. Used Maxwell's theory of magnetism to analyze the interaction mechanism between microwave and matter. It was pointed out that the absorption of microwave from the medium was due to the conductance loss and polarization loss of the dielectric, and the conductivity loss at high temperature would dominate. In the conductive material, the electromagnetic energy loss mainly conducts the electric conduction loss. In the dielectric material (such as ceramics), due to a large number of space charge can be formed by the electric dipole polarization polarization, and the interface of the accumulation of charge generated interface polarization, in the alternating electric field, the polarization response Significantly behind the rapidly changing external electric field, leading to polarization relaxation. In this process, the energy exchange between microscopic particles is macroscopically expressed as energy loss.
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