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Hunan WISE  Microwave Pyrolysis Furnace
Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.
Technical Specification of LF-ZG1510
Item LF-ZG1510
Voltage 220±10V  50Hz
Rated Power 3KW
Microwave Power 0.01~1.4kW  Continuous Adjustable
Microwave Frequency 2.45GHz
Working Temperature 1100℃
Quartz tube Φ40X720mm (Dia×L)
Temperature Measured By thermalcouple
Temperature Detect Range 0~1300℃
Temperature Control Accuracy readout±2℃
Control System PLC touch screen, data storage; export data;display real - time data curve; dynamic data screen
Atmosphere sealed,protective atmosphere
Microwave Leakage Detect Portable Microwave Leakage Detector
Microwave Leakage <0.01mW/cm2
High Precision Water Chiller flow 2m3/h,rated coolant capacity:1.6KW
Main Part 570X790X1150mm (LXWXH)
Operation Floor Area <2m2

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