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LF-EX1000-1 Graphite and Graphene Industrial Microwave Expansion Furnace is a kind of microwave puffing equipment. LF-EX1000-1 microwave puffing furnace is suitable for graphene expansion tests under air atmosphere. LF-EX1000-1 microwave tube furnace is composed of furnace, microwave heating system, insulation system, feeding and discharge system and control system. Furnace is welded by 304 stainless steel and joined by flanges, aiming at installation of insulation system and shielding microwave. Furnace is provided the feeding hole and flanges on the top, feeding and discharge devices on the front and back side, and the microwave heating system on the left, right and bottom.This microwave puffed equipment is particularly suitable for the preparation of graphene or nano-graphite oxide, exfoliated graphite, grapheme synthesis , expanded graphite expanded treatment.


 Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.


Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.



Technical specification: 

Voltage                  220V±10V 50Hz single-phase 

Rating power              5KW

Microwave output power     0.01~2.8KW  variable

Microwave output frequency  2.45GHz

Max working temperature    1000℃

Rated working temperature   900℃

Heating space            D100 x 150mm (diameter x length)

Temperature control        Thermocouple

Temperature range         0℃-1300℃

Temperature accuracy      ±0.5%

Control system:  

-auto temperature, auto operation

-PLC, Touch Screen with data storage function,

-Display of real-time curve

-Dynamic Data Screensavers

Microwave leakage control    Portable microwave leak detector

Microwave leakage    <0.5mW/cm2



LF-EX1000-1 Graphite and Graphene Industrial Microwave Expansion Furnace product overview:

LF-EX1000-1 Graphite and Graphene Industrial Microwave Expansion Furnace is a new generation of experiment, research and development, production of LF-EX1000-1Graphite and Graphene Industrial Microwave Expansion Furnace,with intelligence, box, energy saving, the integration of the various features, is the use of advanced microwave heating the material directly mode, quickly heating the material quickly reaches a high temperature at the same time, good uniformity, there will be some traditional heating and sintering can not reach, such as uniform, fine grain size, high sintering density, reaction more fully.

2.Be applicable to the vacuum and various atmosphere under the condition of synthesis, such as roasting, heat treatment and sintering process research etc.

3.Fast heating, greatly improve the efficiency of the experiment, adopting vacuum way displacement gas, can greatly save the time of gas replacement.

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