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Microwave High Temperature High Vacuum Sintering Furnace ready for shipment

Author: langfeng Time: 2019-10-29

Microwave High Temperature High Vacuum Sintering Furnace LF-VA1600 ready for shipment

(LF-VA1600) Microwave Sintering Furnace is designed for multi-atmosphere sintering and synthesis with working temperature up to 1600C.

It is an excellent furnace for synthesis, calcination, heat treatment, sintering sample in various atmospheres, including air condition,

vacuum condition, high vacuum condition (up to 10^-3 Pa), protective atmosphere and weakly reducing atmosphere. It offers

versatility and easy-to-use system which is engineered to be dependable. ZK6016 consists of

• a microwave power system with operator selectable output of 0 - 5600watts;

• a 304 stainless steel polymer-coated microwave cavity;

•an infrared thermometer with high precision is used as a feedback control mechanism to regulate microwave power and

maintain the users the real temperature;

• 40 programmable segments for precision control;

• Dual atmosphere control system;

• Diffusion pump and rotary vane pump for different vacuum levels;

• a door safety interlock and an interlock monitoring system to prevent microwave emission when door is open;




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