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Welcome Indian customer to WISE for onsite microwave expansion test for intercalated graphite powder

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-02

Welcome Indian customer to WISE for on-the-spot investigation and cooperation.

The customer visited WISE microwave testing laborotary, the technical engineers and material engineers help to illustrate the detailed structure, basic operation flow of lab scaled microwave expansion furnace:LF-EX1000-1; through the visit to the factory, the customer has a deep understanding of the production process and quality control of our microwave expansion furnace, and we tried to expand intercalated graphite powder at his presence,
heating LF-EX1000-1 to 900C :< 1 hour,
feeding intercalated graphite powder to finish expansion: 10s;
The max heating rate< 500C/min;
production capacity: 500~1000g / day; (depends on the density of starting material);
Customer showed great interest in larger production capacity. Next step we will try to expand customer intercalated graphite powder, based on test performance, our skilled engineers are willing to fabricate or modify our current type:LF-EX1000-2, which was lauched on Dec 2015.

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