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Microwave vacuum drying characteristics

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-02-28

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Microwave vacuum drying characteristics:
1, efficient: conventional vacuum drying equipment, (assuming the vacuum pressure of 7.37kpa, material dehydration temperature of 40 ℃, 1kg of water vaporization is 574 kcal), because in a vacuum, the heat through the convection is very difficult, only Can carry on, the heating speed is slow, the drying cycle is long, the energy consumption is big. Microwave vacuum drying equipment is used in radiation transmission, the media is the overall heating, no other heat transfer media, to avoid the above shortcomings, so fast, high efficiency, greatly shorten the drying cycle, lower energy consumption. Compared with conventional drying technology can improve work efficiency more than four times.
2, heating evenly: As the microwave heating is the material inside and outside the heating, the material inside and outside the temperature difference is small, will not produce conventional heating inside and outside the heating inconsistency of the situation, leaving the drying quality greatly improved.
3, easy to control: to facilitate continuous production and automation, microwave power can be quickly adjusted and no inertia characteristics, easy to control, easy to adjust and determine the process parameters.
4, the device is small, easy installation and maintenance.
5, product quality: Compared with the conventional method, the processing of the product quality has a more substantial increase.
6, in addition to microwave equipment with disinfection, sterilization effect, product safety and health. Shelf life can be extended.
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