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Microwave Furnace for Industrial Application

       Unlike conventional heating ovens, microwave ovens are very efficient in converting energy into heat in the workload. In a large industrial oven, the microwave efficiency, defined as the percentage of the applied microwave energy which is dissipated as heat in the workload, can be in the region of 95%, and the conversion of electrical power into microwave power can have an efficiency of 85%. Moreover, a conventional oven has to be heated to a temperature substantially in excess of the required temperature in the worklaod. A microwave oven, if heated at all, is normally heated a temperature no greater than the required surface temperature of the workload. The radiation and convection heat losses from the microwave oven are therefore significantly less because of its lower temperature.

        Further energy saving arises because a microwave oven has instantaneous control of powder, which means that equilibrium conditions are rapidly reestablished after a change, and start-up can be rapid. Very fast feedback control loops can be used to control process parameters accurately, leading to improved product quality.

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